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Phase 1 – Return of cycling activities

Cycling Ireland has welcomed government efforts across the island of Ireland to ease restrictions and lay out a roadmap for the return of sport. Cycling has been identified as a priority sport and is listed in phase 1 of the roadmap for reopening society and business. Research published last week found an additional 220,000 people are cycling on a weekly basis, signalling the important role cycling will play in Ireland’s recovery.

The easing of restrictions during phase 1 allows for a limited return of certain cycling activities. Groups of up to 4 people may cycle within a 5km radius of their home while maintaining social distancing requirements. Members are encouraged to carefully assess their route and the potential risks to establish whether 4 people cycling a minimum of 2 metres apart constitutes a hazard and is safe within your locality.

If cycling in an off-road environment, please be aware that many car parks remain closed, therefore you are asked to start and finish from your own home to avoid parking issues, and to remain within the prescribed radius (ROI) in each phase. Above all, members must take personal responsibility for their health and safety when deciding to train with others.

Cycling Ireland is engaging with government, Sport Ireland, Sport NI, and the UCI, seeking further guidance and clarification to a number of issues that will determine a timeline for the return of club training sessions and events.

The Cycling Ireland roadmap is a live document and will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. It is envisaged that competitive events are likely to return in phase 4, provided social distancing guidelines can be complied with. We intend to share further guidelines directly with clubs and event organisers in the coming weeks.

Cycling Ireland Roadmap for the return of cycling activities HERE (document subject to ongoing review)

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